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Adventures Empty Adventures

Post by TeddiePen2Paper on Fri Mar 02, 2018 12:29 am

This was written as an assignment in a writing group. It was to be a story or poem about a little boy and his desire for adventure. I used my sons as inspiration. 


Up, up, up and away you go.
How high can you you know?
Pumping your legs and hanging on tight
You swing back and forth with all of your might.
You swing and swing like you'll touch the sky.
You swing 'til you're tired, and then with a sigh
You hop from the swing and come inside.
"I went real high mom" you confide.
I smile and tell you I am so proud.
I say maybe next time you will touch a cloud.
You smile at me and nod your head,
Then hurry upstairs and lay on your bed.
You close your eyes to daydream, I know
Are you swinging again, to and fro?
Or maybe you imagine you are on a safari?
Or maybe in space, landing on alpha centari?
A smile slowly appears on your face.
For you have gone on an adventure some place.
How precious you are my son, my own.
Go on your adventures but please stay home.


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