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Bringing in the Sheets

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Bringing in the Sheets Empty Bringing in the Sheets

Post by TeddiePen2Paper on Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:17 pm

Bringing in the Sheets
My father was a minister so my learning about faith and religion began at an early age.   Not long after daddy had gotten his divinity degree, he landed his first ministry.  I was 2 when he was sent to minister to a small logging town on Mount St. Helen.  We lived there till I was 4.  I have never loved any place I have lived as much as I loved that mountain!  Of course there were no modern amenities like electricity or indoor plumbing.  Mom cooked on a wood burning stove and washed outside, when warm enough, using a huge wash tub and hung all the clothes on a clothesline to dry.  In winter she did the laundry in the kitchen and hung the washing up in the living room.  She washed a little bit every day during those winter months. 
Both my mother and my father taught me a lot before I ever went to school.  I could read at age 3 and my favorite book to read was a book of Bible stories.  So my learning of faith and right and wrong was instilled in me at a young age.
One of my first lessons about religion was learned one day helping my mom bring the laundry in from the close line.  I asked her why God liked us doing laundry so much.  She asked me what I meant.  I told her, "well, we sing in church about bringing in the sheets".  My poor mother nearly dropped her clean clothes she laughed so hard.  Then she told me that the song was about bringing in the sheaves.  Sheaves were the grain stalks that had been cut and gathered into large bundles.  She said the older people and children tied the grain into bundles and then donkeys or a cart carried the bundles to a shed where they sat for a few days before the grain was shaken off the stalks.  She said the bundles were called sheaves.  Then she said to me, "honey, really what you were singing was true.  God does love us to do our daily tasks with joy and faith in our hearts."
I asked my mother "what is faith?"  She smiled at me and said. "faith is believing in something you can't see or touch or smell or taste.  We can't see God or Jesus.  We can't touch them or smell them or taste them.  In spite of that, we believe they are real and are with us everyday.  We carry them with us every where we go."  She said I was to "rejoice in God's love and have faith that no matter what happens he is going to help me get through it."  She said, "God is with us all the time but most of all he is with us when things are not perfect and happy." 

Those words were with me always, especially in the bad times, and that was explanation enough for my child's mind and  heart.  It still is enough today.  I know God loves me and is with me in good times and especially in bad times.  Those sweet childhood lessons have carried me through many a stormy day!  To this day, every time I do laundry, I rejoice when I fold the sheets!

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Bringing in the Sheets Empty Re: Bringing in the Sheets

Post by BlueRaine on Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:38 pm

That's really nice Teddie. 

Not many people can enjoy doing laundry, but a sweet memory you have of it, that helps make it enjoyable. Very Happy

Bringing in the Sheets Bluera10
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