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Bella & Mrs. H

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Bella & Mrs. H Empty Bella & Mrs. H

Post by TeddiePen2Paper on Fri Mar 02, 2018 12:35 am

Short story based on a neighbor lady who rescued a little dog in immediate peril of being hit by a car.

Bella & Mrs. H

When Mrs. H found Bella, the name Mrs. H chose for her, she was a scraggly muddy mess.  Bella was terrified and running through all the traffic trying to find a safe place to lay down.  Mrs. H stopped her car and coaxed the terrified dog into her car.  She took Bella to the vet and got her shots and a good going over.   The vet checked for a ID chip but Bella didn't have one.  She then took Bella to a groomer as her fur was so tangled Mrs. H knew she could not do the job of cleaning Bella herself.  Soon Bella was all freshened up and was simply the most beautiful dog.  Mrs. H ran ads in her local paper, posted flyers in the area where she found her and even left notes in her town’s online neighborhood forum.  No one called to claim Bella so Mrs. H got her a license and Bella became her dog.  Bella loved her forever home.  Any abuse or neglect she had known was in the past and not important.  What was important was her lovely wonderful Mom, Mrs. H.  They were best pals.  Having Bella gave Mrs. H a new lease on life.  Mrs. H was a widow and the few years she was without her beloved Henry had been tough.  Now Bella was there to give Mrs. H someone to love again.  When the weather was not too hot Mrs. H would take Bella with her when she went shopping.  Sometimes they went to the dog park.  Mrs. H took Bella to her hair apppoinments.  Everyone in the beauty salon adored Bella.  The two truly did love one another!  Life was happy for Bella because one woman cared enough to stop!  Mrs. H now has a best friend who demands nothing but love and is grateful for anything Mrs. H has to give.  They found happiness together and spread their happiness around.

Bella & Mrs. H 10d7ce1f2278441284ebe47becadc4a0_r
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