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The Serendipity Blues

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The Serendipity Blues Empty The Serendipity Blues

Post by TeddiePen2Paper on Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:05 am

Serendipity Blues

Alone she sat in the park the fall wind cutting through her sweater.
Tears lingered on her eyelids not quite falling down her cheeks.
I watched her wondering what had happened to make her so sad.
Did her sweetheart leave her, did a loved one die, did she lose her job?
The sad figure stared at the little pond in the middle of the park, her face a mask.
Slowly the woman stood and shuffled to the water's edge.
My heart moved into my throat fearing she was going to jump into the pond.
The forlorn lady leaned over and stared at her reflection in the water.
Suddenly she stood up straight and wiped the unshed tears from her eyes.
Quickly she turned and walked toward the parks edge, determination in each step.
My eyes followed her, my questions unanswered.
Whatever her reason for sorrow she had thought better of it.
In the midst of anguish, the woman had found an unexpected gift.
Through moments of despair, she found hope.
I realized I have just witnessed a case of the Serendipity Blues.

©Bobbie S.

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